My friend Jeff.

a visit

a visit

I love Jeffrey. Sometimes, its difficult for me to distinguish love. What kind of love am I feeling. I love my family and I love my dog. I do get mad at them sometimes and they do annoy me at times. But I still love them. What makes me love Jeff. I can be myself around him and he thinks I’m entertaining. He never gets mad at me, even though I am not always consistent. He just takes me for what I am. He thinks I have good ideas and he is amazed at things I do or have done. I think that’s what gets me the most is that for the two years he has known me, he is still amazed by my ability to defeat him in a video game. I’m not, I beat boys all the time. Actually, they’re all always amazed and some get mad.

I’m not quiet sure what it is about him that bonds he and I. I don’t even know why he has hung around me for so long. There isn’t really any physical attraction. It seems like there is a mutual respect between us. I would like to celebrate this just because I can identify it. But what do you really say to a friend with those qualities? I’m glad you’re my brother from another mother? From another family?

He doesn’t usually say much about his feelings. Actually, it’s very difficult to get him to admit anything, really. Maybe we can just drink beer from cold frosty mugs in a pub someday. But right now, he’s just my close friend that lives 4 hours away in another city and state. We play online and I tell him all my secrets wishes and dreams. In person, I’m still shy and I have only met him 6 times in total of the 2 years. One time I had slept in his chair in his living room while I visited him. It was the 4th time I have met him in person. He covered me with a blanket while I slept.

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