it’s a short story i’m currently working on.

It’s called the Sensitive so far..

There is an old house somewhere in Britain. Shelby, a young girl the age of five is being tormented by a phenomenon in her home. Her oldest relative, her great uncle had left it in his will to his youngest relative. Her parents were astonished and so happy to have received the house. Her mother was very fond of it and loved visiting it when she was a little girl. The little girl’s parents want to keep the house for it was in the family for years and it makes some sense to leave it to the youngest existing family member in the family. The three of them moved in right away. 

Living in a massive mansion, takes some getting used to.  The mother would wonder the house alone sometimes looking at the walls that held old photographs and paintings of the decades of past generations. The father seldom liked walking alone and did not particularly like wandering the old house. It gives him the creeps a bit. Something he would never admit to his significant other or out loud to himself.  The little girl did not mind the house. It was just more space to a floor plan for her. She would take her dolls to the other side of her room and then plan her tea party she would have later that afternoon, if Mr. Snuggles behaved himself like a good rabbit should. She often talked to herself and to her stuffed companions. They were her only friends, Mummy and Daddy did not count as friends but were more like protectors and suppliers. She will have to ask Mummy for more strawberry crumpets because she will not have any with her tea later. Mr. Puppet and Mr. Snuggles loved strawberry crumpets. It was their absolute favorite.

Shelby hugged Mr.Snuggles with all her might. “Ooooooo.” She squealed. Then placed him beside Mr. Puppet. Mr. Snuggles was her favorite. But she tried to not be too prejudice between Mr. Puppet and and Mr. Snuggles.  She didn’t want Mr. Puppet to be sad. She looked at her friends lovingly. Then something out of the corner caught her eye. It was a quick movement, something blurry. She looked up and blinked. “Mummy?” She called out. She knew visually she was alone in her room. But she suddenly didn’t feel alone. Fear slowly crept up on her. Realization that something was about to happen pop up like an epiphany in her small young brain. Something moved again on her right. She couldn’t see it, only the movement of an invisible blurred image. A loud creak came from behind her. She gasped. “Mummy!!” She urgently screamed. Loud forceful footsteps walked towards her gaining speed at each step. She scrambled up and ran towards her bedroom door. The door slammed shut missing her face by a few inches. Shelby began crying and gripped the door knob, frantically trying to twist it to open it. She looked behind her, tears streaming down her face. She was now sobbing and searching desperately for whatever may be after her. The door suddenly opened. “What is it, baby?” Her father appeared in the doorway. Shelby busted into uncontrollable sobs as her father bent to pick her up. “Shhhh.. It’s ok. It’s ok. What’s wrong?” “Shelby?” he asked. The little girl could not answer him. She clung to his neck. In her daddy’s arms she was safe, she thought.



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