I love Bioshock. I can’t express how much i love it. I even have a tattoo on my wrist of the 3 links Jack had on his. Except mine are cuter and smaller. 🙂

I’m not sure why I love it so much. It might be because it is the 1st game i ever finished on my own. But then I had played other games before then but this one had always won my heart to the extreme. I found that it remsembles a lot of the games too like Skyrim. Yeah, you can’t build a house or anything but there is still fire and electro bolts coming out of your left hand. There is so much Meelay involved. I have yet to meet another ecstatic fan. WHERE ARE THEY?!!!!! Bioshock is awesome!! They have the all american 1930’s stay at home mom and she’s wearing an eldritch mask and she wants to kill you. Mommy wants to kill you and she’s insane. Did i mention the brilliant decor? We rarely have bright rich colors like that anymore. It had a lot of 1920’s flare. I love it. I love everything about it. Although, killing all those splicers did leave me feeling a bit like a sociopath most of the time. Especially, if i had to decied to save or harvest a little sister.

If anyone wants to know the best i personally think it will be the 2nd one. You don’t have Jack and you get to be a big daddy. (omg that made my day) and you get a lot more powers than the 1st. Although, this 3rd that is coming in this month i think. I’m not too sure about it. I don’t know if it’s going to be that good. I have my doubts. Although, the trailer looked really good. But it’s a giant bird monster… come on..

Bioshock’s ancestor The Return of System Shock 2. It looks like an early 90’s futuristic attempts of a video game. But I see it is coming out on the pc. It might be nice having that on a resume of things I have played. So I might check that out later when it comes out.

Can I make a list of terrible games you should never play? WarZ on the pc. It’s an MMO of zombies. Don’t play it, it’s terrible. They equip you with a flashlight and then you would have to buy your own weapon and you do not keep it if you die. You can make I think 3 or 4 ppl, I forget but you have to wait a certian amout of time to resurrect them again. Which is totally lame… I think i played it 3 times in total? and I paid $30, I think.. That’s with the extra money for weapons and ammo. I died within 3 mins. Usually, I might have lasted 8 mins, hiding in the bushes. I know, it’s lame of me but you have other players that kill you and the zombies. It reminds me a bit of Call of Duty except you move slower and your weapons suck. You’re always a man… Being a girl I feel very clueless when I have to dress a man. “Does this match? Does it matter?” *hemp* My Elementalist and Mesmer in Guild Wars 2 is always beautifully dressed… except those hair ribbons for my Mesmer. I can’t change the color on those wicked things for some reason.

Walking Dead is ok. It’s a little boring choosing the options and walking through a story like, I recommend it on a phone device than a larger system. It seems more interesting to be reading a story if you have time to kill. I personally hate Skyrim on the pc. There is so many options and I don’t know.. maybe i am not too familiar with all the control butttons on the pc. But I love it on the xbox. And I am flabbergasted to find out that Felicia Day knows the song her little servent will sing. She has a nice voice by the way. Oh, I almost forgot about Diablo. I liked it.. but then leveling up so quickly took out the fun of playing. So I don’t like playing with people. It’s an independence thing. Although, in Guild Wars2 i LOVE playing with people.. Hit me up!!!
World of War craft.. it’s kinda cheesy compared to Guild Wars.. just a little… i’m sorry.. but I will try to give it another shot. Maybe i haven’t hit that mark yet. 🙂

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