My friend is the true child of rock…

My friend is the true child of rock...

She just sent me an audio of my new text tone. I have no idea who it is except i know that is the voice of rock screaming and a guitar lick followed after it.

I woke up with a headache. I think i am allergic to alcohol. I had hard cider. Half the bottle. I’m a big drinker I know. I also learned that I have half the space left on my comp. World Of Warcraft, I’m sure had taken up a huge chunk of it. That’s probably why my guild wars is a little slow in starting… Diablo is just there in the background. My skyrim.. Maybe I should take that off since I have it on my xbox now. It was bloody murder to play it using a freaking keyboard anyway!! Dislike.. But I got my dark elf leveled up quickly and I have the voice of the dragon with is.. no words can describe it. Although, i’m pretty sure i soaked up the dragon’s soul and i’m not sure where it went. Maybe to that power? How many dragons do I have to kill?!!!!!

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