So in 5 seconds…

I am going to blog. I’ve always wanted to blog about what I do or did in a natural workind day order. But I rarely do. Instead i usually blog about ideas. Like I had one Monday. I thought that prostitution should be legalized. I told my friend this and she told me that had in Nevada. Hmm.. I wonder how much they charge and how it’s going over there.

Currently, I am reading a book called Ready Gamer One by Ernest Cline. I have never heard of this man. I was giving the book as a lend because it might be of some interest to me since I am currently into heavy gaming right now. I am. I love video games. I think and dream about them. This book is rather interesting because it’s all about way of life as a gamer. The whole world games though, not just pop culture factions. Their world sucks, sucks bad I imagine since it’s the future so it says. The year is 2045 and you can attend middle school and high school virtually. Which would have been rather splendid for me if that had been my life. I too had a bad time in school.

Oh, yeah back to legalizing prostitution. It would make the world a better place. Think of all those lonely people out there in the world with such low self esteem that they feel like they can’t get anyone or that no one would ever love them? I kinda feel like that most of the time anyway. i’m pretty sure that i am not going to find anyone to love me. But I think it is because it is rather difficult for me to love somebody else. I mean, how do all those people do it? I want someone to actually say, Hey!! I love you, you belong to me!! Not, oh.. sure i’ll go with you to get coffee, Oh yeah, that guy gets on my nerves too. We’re just friends. Of course we’re just friends. Because you don’t really have any testicles.

And so my life is very solo. I’m somewhat ok with it. I am not expecting kids anytime soon, probably because I need a mate for that. But I am making the best of what I have and can. I am trying to expand my brain because it is the only thing that I can cherish really. I don’t really have anything else besides my family. And they are lovely folks who like to put you through hell and talk about you behind your back. Oh, the good old family. I know i’m weird. I knew when I was 12 and I know when I am 29. I rather be a hacker then go on a blind date or even sit across from an uninteresting person. I am rather picky on my people. I don’t really like women. Actually, I loath them a bit. We are all secretly in the giagantic competition and they pretty much hate me for all I am and stand for. That’s ok because I think you talk to much about nothing.

And guys don’t really like to linger about you much unless they want to date you. So, I am usually alone for the most part. Alone in my geeky Doctor Who facade. (that sentence was incomplete.. I don’t care) But I have learned to cordinate my outfits pretty well. Today, my mint green nail polish matches my sea foam green tee. It even have sparkles in it. And my makeup.. I thought of Elaina Gibert when I was doing it. She uses a lot of dark eye shadow.

The barista at starbucks kept shaking my hand. I’m not sure why. He did it multiple times with both the left and right. I guess after conversating with the loud woman before me he wanted a friendly interaction. I think she said shit in french when she spoke spanish and it made me laugh out loud. I like languages. It is a goal of mine to brush up on my spanish and french and learn Japanese this school year. Fencing might take place later too. I am looking forward to school this fall. I am looking forward to the fresh new faces to interact with. I am so desprerately lonely. I need something exciting and new. Hopefully, with some new ideas. I love new ideas. They are like new art to me. I love anything with imagination. It’s like the Dalecks adore the criminally insane because it is in the depth of true beauty. Ok, I have blogged.

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