Tear drops = rain drops..


Why does listening to Adele make me sad? She has such a beautiful voice. Yet, I am always filled with saddness listening to her. I think it reminds me of a part that I don’t have. I wonder if everybody has something like that missing from their life? When I was twelve years old and in art class drawing a picture of a persepctive. I was learning how to use the lines to direct your eye to a common goal. The point of interest. When I was done with the picture, I thought, I want this. I want this beautiful orange sky. I want to look at a horizon and be utterly content with the surroundings. I was reading the cat who book series at the time. They are nothing but the despcription of the surrounding attributes. So, I think maybe when I was exposed to at a young age brings me to what I am now? If i look at all the material things that surround me, they are cool gagdets that i have acquired. But I am still alone and empty. Therefore lost.

It’s a little hard to look at what pieces makes you up as a person and then to reflect on what kind of desicions you can make based off it. I mean, you do have to get the best with what you have to work with right? If only i had a system to evaluate my strong points and make them my most powerful weapon. Because I think Life is basically, an RGP game anyway. I don’t know if that’s a good way or a bad way of looking at it and if it reflects my outcome in life because i look at it in this way. I’m not sure…

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